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How is Ubuntu different from Debian?

So perhaps its mad for me to answer that, with only combined Canonical 3 months past (now!) It may even be absurd for me to answer it, provided that I’m on the server group, and Ubuntu certainly has quite a big focus on creating “Linux for Humans”, ergo, the desktop computer.

Yes there are a number of things which won’t ever return to  m, as these items are somewhat offset to Debian’s philosophies. However, these really are by-products of this larger aim of usability.

When Ubuntu was commenced, the idea was straightforward. Debian was amazing then, and remains awesome today. I dashed it exclusively for many years and it functioned well on notebooks, desktops, and particularly on servers, being a server type of man. However release cycle was so slow that each one the trendy whiz bang stuff that folks were fabricating on Linux was not making it in the stable releases, and also the unstable development release which had all the things was un-installable (no official isos) and also broken quite frequently.

So by saying “we are going to restrict our attention to a few architectures, along with a subset of packages” (the “principal” archive in Ubuntu), the Ubuntu project managed to devote to releasing a examined, stabilized OS with all of the cool new things within it. They were also able to dedicate to carrying a tiny delta from Debian which was highly concentrated on usability. By giving capital expense to it, Canonical managed to commit to with the technical personnel available to make that occur.

1 awesome portion of this was they (I say that they, since I’m not an Ubuntu member yet) may still maintain a good deal of the broad breadth of Debian applications by making the “world” archive. Better still, a community (MOTU) grew up around this to ensure it received a few stabilization before release too.

Ubuntu is always to Debian, as the neighborhood restaurant is always to the local farmer’s market. Chef Ubuntu goes into the Debian farmer market occasionally, finds the very best new ingredients, mixes them together with his very own unique blend, and creates food because of their intended audience. For those who like cooking, they could, and do, simply go to the marketplace and get what they require.

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